Scam Alert – Nomad Internet

Nomad Internet out of New Braunfels, Texas is the biggest Scam I’ve ever been Suckered into.

In April 2021, I was looking for a good cellular Hot Spot for my motorhome when racing. Somehow I got sucked into the Nomad Internet web site. I signed up for their TMobile account. They sent me a router and it was about as slow as a 300 baud modem from the 70s. I figured maybe it was the location – as I’m somewhat in the sticks – even though my AT&T hot spot is flawlessly fast.

I am a drag racer, who races on a national circuit, and was gone for quite a few months. It didn’t work worth a damn in Atlanta, GA., St. Louis, MO, or Wisconsin, Ohio, or Indiana. It was garbage. Sites took forever with only one device — and music would stop to buffer ever ten seconds.

I’ve been trying to cancel since 7/31//21 and they billed me again because they won’t cancel a month to Month subscription

When I got home from months on the road – I logged onto my account to cancel. There was no ability to cancel and return on-line — it said email billing which I did. However I also noticed I had two accounts and had been billed for two accounts for three months. I only signed up for one account and only received one device. I detailed that in my message. Over the next few weeks I emailed back and forth with someone saying she was Nina. Despite detailing everything entirely – I get an email back days later with her playing stupid on the double billing. She’d tell me I have two accounts — and I’d tell her one was terrible enough and to refund be on the double billing and cancel the one I did receive. Days later I’d get an email asking for a photo of the SIMM for the device I had. I got slow rolled for weeks before they finally refunded me 2 of the 3 over bills. I email back that it was only two of the three refunded and she’s not addressed the cancel of service and stop billing me for their crap.

Three months of double bill plus billed after canceling

I get an email back saying to go on line to this link she provides, and generate a free shipping label – but doesn’t address the third overbill. I go on-line and it won’t generate a cancel and return because I’ve had service over 14 days. Meanwhile I get billed again. The phone number listed on the site says to email to the circle of slow walking that I’ve been emailing to. I tried the chat — and it took hours to get someone to say that it will take a while from him to get back with me. Now it’s time to file suit, complain to the BBB, Federal Communication Commission, Texas State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.

hours before someone didn’t address my question and said they’re would be hours more wait because they’re so bust!
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