When Producers Stop Producing

Today on Fascistbook, I posted “Watching news and GE increased the price of stove from $1500 to $2400 due to increased costs. Happening to everything!” Someone quickly pointed out that GE’s Appliance Division, moved to China. I started to reply back a short paragraph on that’s not just GE – but it morphed into a Rant the more I reflected on what is not going on (the two Senate Give-Away Bills sent to the House yesterday and today), what is certain to happen in the near future – and back in ’98 when I’d had enough.

My wife hates GE and won’t have. That said hardly any appliances are made in US. I like Samsung, which is South Korean – than manufactures at least some in the US. However, no matter whatever you buy – the price has gone up. In 8 months new cars have gone up 5%, used cars 45%, rent-a-cars 75%. Gas, meat, UPS shipping and just about everything else has also shot up since Biden.

With these two new bills giving free college, free glasses, free dental, free child-care and all the rest of freebies is really going to make the near future horrible. The coming tax increases are 700% of the Trump tax decreases. That will all be passed along to all of you.

75% of People won’t able to afford to work when compared to the gifts they’ll receive for not working. That will cause a severe labor shortage making everything cost yet more. Finally, just as in the book Atlas Shrugged (Read it if you never have) the Producers will be tired of paying for themselves plus three strangers – and throw in the towel.

At 43, I got tired of the bullshit of employing 150 people, paying all of their unemployment, their workman’s Comp, their Social Security, their Medicare, their retirement, and their health insurance. I got tired of spending $350,000 a month in expenses that supported even more people and my local community. I was tired of the government forcing me to do more and more Bullshit every year. I was tired of paying the incredibly high taxes while being means tested into not receiving what I was paying for. This is the purest Form of Socialism.

In the business prime of my life, I sold my business and said I’d no longer be a Producer – but instead live from what I’d saved and sold my business for. Sadly, I sold that business to idiots. who four years later only had 5 employees left. I did this in 1998, but you will soon see other Producers do exactly what I’d done 23 years ago. That’s to go on strike at Producing for people who vilified everything they do – while holding their hand out.

That same year a heart surgeon friend, who had another 20 years of being a great life saver, was also done for the same reason. The government punished him for producing, by taking more and more to give to the moochers. He just stopped Producing.

Again, the World’s Greatest Book, foretold exactly what has happened since LBJ’s Great Society – but more scary – tells of what we can now expect as Producers have had enough. Read Atlas Shrugged and tell me (and millions of others) that we’re wrong.

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