Joe Biden Did That

At my shop and my Barndominium, I can choose my electric company, and I negotiated a good rate for 36 months a couple years ago. Nether electric bill has been 100 bucks because I have led bulbs, no AC in the shop, and a new high efficiency air conditioner with Nest thermostat in the Barndo.

At my lake house, I’m stuck with Entergy because they own the infrastructure that they laid 20 years ago when this sub division was built. I changed every bulb in the house to led, have 5 Nest thermostats with most rooms in Efficiency Mode, and I’m very cautious with energy usage. For the last 3 calendar years, I’ve never had a bill over $250.

That all changed when Ole Poopy Pants started soiling himself in the Oval Office. Starting in March a “Fuel Surcharge” started to appear on my bills. None of my bills since have been under $350 (even when we were gone for 5 weeks) and a few have been over $550. The state has a law stating the maximum that can be charged – so this Fuel Surcharge appeared as most of our power plants are natural gas. If I opted for “Clean Energy” Solar or Wind – my bills would most likely be twice that – as that shit just doesn’t work right.

OPEC + Russia told Biden to shove it on his request for increased production. Experts (who I watched on Fox Business) predict $10 gal gas in next couple years. I have this feeling that we should be prepared for the gas shortages and lines like we had in 73 and 78.

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