The Real Story of the Economy

I’m a stock Day Trader, so I watch business financials and news from 8:30-3:30.

You want to hear the real truth of the economy you won’t hear about in MSM? You might think the stock market has gone up because of the indexes. However, the Dow (DJIA) is only an average of 30 stocks. The SP500 is only the 500 biggest stocks by Market cap (number of share times current price per share).The real story 242 NASDAQ stocks are today at their 52 week lows. 517 stocks (From NYSE) today are at their All-Time lows. These are only reports of the record lows for today. Far more are close to their lows – and not yet a statistic. So while Microsoft, Tesla and Amazon are doing great – real America is going broke from inflation and material/labor shortages.

Bankruptcies being filed are at all time highs. Biden’s Graft & Corruption plan passed by the House today will throw gas on the fire. It has 10 years of tax increases for programs that you know won’t end un 10 years. It incentivizes toothpick armed young men to live at their parent’s home – sleeping during the day and playing video war games at night. They have no interest in heterosexual sex – nor the stamina if they did. This same thing actually started in Japan 10 years ago – and they’re in a World of shit today. Economy crashing, and population declining.

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