Why was there Justice in Kenosha, but never in Washington?

The simple answer is that Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

As it always happens in the Deep State, the prosecution in the Rittenhouse trial teamed up with the mainstream media to create an abundance of Misinformation to pass on to us Rubes.

We were told that:

  • Kyle was White Supremist Terrorist unprovoked to shoot black people
  • Kyle was bailed out by the KKK and the Proud Boys
  • Kyle traveled many miles across the country to a riot to kill black people
  • Kyle took an Assault weapon across state lines
  • Kyle had no business to be traveling the great distance between Illinois and Wisconsin
  • It was illegal for a 17-year-old to have that rifle
  • Kyle fled from the law
  • Kyle was pointing his rifle at people
  • The three people he shot were black Saints

However, we saw with our own eyes that

  • Kyle’s father and grandparents lived in Kenosha
  • Kyle was asked to help defend a car dealership
  • Kenosha was only 21 miles from Kyle’s home
  • Kyle did not bring a rifle across state lines
  • Kyle was trained in EMS, and was both a Police and Fire Cadet
  • It was not illegal for a 17-year-old to be in possession of that rifle (BTW, during the Vietnam war, I enlisted days after turning 17, and they sure didn’t think I was too young to have a rifle!)
  • Kyle practiced excellent safety – unlike the prosecutor who pointed the rifle (with finger on trigger) at Jury
  • Kyle never pointed the gun at anyone who wasn’t trying to kill him
  • The three people Kyle shot were White repeat felons who attacked him, and would have killed him, given the chance. One was beating him across the head with skateboard. Another was a child molester of many young boys and had served time for trying to kill his brother, was just released from custody earlier that same day. He was wrestling the rifle away from Kyle while screaming he was going to kill him. The third was a convicted wife-beater felon, who pointed a gun to Kyle’s head.
  • Kyle Turned himself in to the Police
  • Kyle had never had any affiliation with any White Supremist group, and they could find no one to say he had a racist bone in his body.
  • All three people shot were white, and had people indicate they were at the BLM riots because it was they who were racist.

We would have never known the truth had that trial not been televised. Only the People with common sense that watched, and those who watched the News reported by those other than the Lying Main Stream Media learned the truth. As it happens in Washington, the media completely lied and never reported facts. The corrupt prosecution was trying to convict an innocent person, because he had different political affiliation and morals than they had – and political ambition.

If we only we could see truthful trial facts on Hillary, Hunter, Struck, Comey, Obama, Ole Poopy Pants, Swalwell and all of the other criminal of the Deep State we might actually start to see Justice. However, in the Deep State the crooked FBI, DOJ and Federal Court system hides the truth and outright lies. The majority of never questions (or cares) what they and their Ministry of Propaganda (the MSN) tell us.

Again, the Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The Deep State Prosecutors are even more vile and corrupt than the one’s you saw with your eyes in the Rittenhouse trial. The MSM can’t be any worse than they already are. We need to demand openness from the Deep State, or we’ll need to fear them more and more as they become even more entrenched on Federal Government – and more emboldened.

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