World War 3

Today is December 7th — the 80th anniversary since the United States was Dragged into World War 2. How ironic that today Biden and Putin are in a video meeting to try to head off World War 3 on this day.

For those (and that appears to be most people) who don’t have a clue about current events – right at this moment Russia has a build-up of threatening military forces and weapons on their Ukraine border. This has Poland and many other countries in the area shaking that they’ll be next. Putin is an old school Soviet KGB leader – who would love to again have satellite countries. As a reminder, (or even a new fact for those educated during the last 35 years without history) 80 years ago today, Hitler had already successfully invaded Austria, Poland, Norway, North Africa, France and was attacking many others including Great Britain. He did that because people weren’t paying attention — and it did affect them until they were next. Twenty years ago today, Japan had already attacked China, had attacked Hawaii and Wake Island — and was on the way to Guam, The Philippines, New Caledonia and all of the other Islands in the South Pacific. Twenty years ago today, Italy was invading North Africa. It was the perfect storm of three leaders (The Axis) conspiring a Shock and Awe at the same time. Have you paid attention to the new alliance between Russia and China, China and North Korea, and North Korea and Iran and Afghanistan?

Now we have China building their military into the World’s Largest, creating military islands, they just ended the Treaty in Hong Kong, and are now proclaiming that they will soon unite Taiwan with Red China. They’re imprisoning people to make everything we need from Nike Sneakers, to water faucets to all of our medicines. They are selling human hair and organs from slaves. They are flooding out country with Fentanyl.

So how did this all happen? In the case of China, it was the Clintons, Obama and Biden’s selling out America for personal gains of Graft and Corruption – which China is always more than willing to pay. We knew it, we saw it, and we wouldn’t act on it because they gave Moochers free stuff. Clinton’s had China spies in Los Alamos stealing hard drives of military secrets. They sold them Dorial Satellite technology. Obama let them flood our colleges and made them “Most Favored Nation Status” for manufacturing everything we need. They have so much blackmail on Biden receiving tens of millions in graft & corruption through his bag handlers (Brother Jim and Son Hunter) that he’ll sell out America rather than being exposed for his crimes since becoming a Senator. Through Obama, the USA financed China weaponizing a virus, which was accidentally released.

Let’s talk about that virus. Since that virus was released, China has become stronger while every other country has become weaker. Every country has lost people, have gone deep into debt, have their lowest employment participation rate, and live in fear of weaponized mutating variants that will be with us until the end of time. Coincidence? I think not!

Trump was able stem what is now going on by being strong and unpredictable. He never drew a line in the sand — then backed up when it was crossed. Contrary to Biden, Trump delivered on every promise instead of lying, showing weakness and cowardice. No one dared to cross a perceived line.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously observed in his memoirs that former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

So, what is Biden doing? Right now, nothing about China. Right now, nothing about North Korea. Right Now, supporting Islamic Terrorism over Israel.

With Russia, Biden is doing nothing but a show. He told Putin that if he attacked Ukraine — he’ll sanction banking – big whoop! He said he’d also ask Germany to put Sanctions on Russia with the Nordstrom 2 pipeline — the same Trump sanction Biden lifted. Do you think Germany is going to sanction their sole oil source (Russia) in the middle of Winter? No way. Liberals turned China and Russia broke-dicks into the Superpowers they are today. They gave them huge revenues from oil and manufacturing.

So how will World War 3 be fought? It will start as a Cyberwar to soften the whole world up. Both have given us the demonstrations they wanted to, with breaking into personal/school/government computers and installing ransomware, stealing information on private citizens; into the Department of Defense computers for military secrets; big corporations for trademark secrets; and most importantly pipeline and electrical grid systems to shut them down. Those were just limited demonstrations they wanted us to see — yet deny doing. They have the ability to shut down the entire Internet, all of the banks, all of our electricity, all of the oil, water and gas pipelines; and all information from news to access. They can eliminate all of our satellites they want. We are an Internet dependent world. Without it you can’t bank, buy gas, buy groceries, can’t run your company, have lights, have refrigeration, no phones, no TV, no radio and have no traffic lights– and much more. They most likely have the ability to create an EMF that cripple anything with a computer chip in it. When there’s no fuel or electronics — there is no effective military.

The next phase is destroying ourselves. If you think there was looting, burning, killing and rioting across the country over a crackhead who had a heart attack from inducing a lethal dose of Fentanyl, while an asshole cop was on his neck? Take away their Welfare credit card and access to food. Every urban area on a bus route will be looted and burnt to the ground. All of this will happen without them firing a single shot, use of their nuclear weapons, or releasing a military weaponized virus.

Think this can’t happen? Well December 6, 1941 – the US never believed Pearl Harbor would be invaded. Norway never thought they would be invaded. North Africa never thought they would be invaded. Russia never thought they would be invaded. Neither did Poland, Austria, Norway, France and Great Britain. However, they all were invaded in months (prior or after) of this date 80 years ago. I was because of weak leaders like Chamberland, Schuschnigg, Mościcki, and Lebrun motivating tyrants like Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. For the first time in 80 years — we have just as weak (or even weaker in the case of Biden) leaders in all of the NATO countries at the same time as ruthless leaders in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Many will say I’m wearing a tin-foil hat, just as they said of those warning the world 80-85 years ago. It’s coming folks – start thinking about who you want to be leading the USA when it comes. There will be now time to change them after it happens.

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