DEF May Cause More Pollution Than It Reduces

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is 32% Urea (a substance in the urine of mammals) and 67% purified water. It is sprayed in the diesel exhaust system by a complicated system to mildly reduce emissions of NOX. The sources for Urea (now in very short supply causing the price to rise) is ironically Asia – mostly from the heavy polluters India, Indonesia and China. It is trucked and shipped to factories.

Production of distilled water uses a lot of energy to heat water to stream and them run the stream through a chiller to turn back into water. It is all shipped and trucked from distribution point to distribution point by diesel trucks, trains, and ships. Much comes in a disposable 2.5 gallon plastic jug with a disposable plastic spout in a disposable plastic wrapper. That jug is inserted into a heavy cardboard box, palletized and wrapped in plastic when delivered to the store selling it. Leave it to a government to mandate the use of a product and system that knowingly causes more pollution in its production and transportation, than it saves in the end vehicle the piss is poured into.

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