Give Blood

I served 72-76, during Vietnam, and since I have Type O (Universal Donor) blood – I was frequently “Volunteered” to drop off a pint. I now have a condition where my blood gets too thick from making too much red blood cells, and that’s not good for my heart. The solution is pretty simple – donate blood frequently.

I was on-line today to schedule getting tapped tomorrow, and the site had an article saying that we’re in the worst shortage in decades. It explained that few Millennials and Gen X will donate blood. Frankly they’ve been brainwashed to think America Sucks. 69% feel that way and only 31% feel remotely Patriotic. They majority of blood donated in the last 20 years come from Baby Boomers, but we’re dying off and many just don’t get out much during Covid.

Because of the shortage, those needing three units only get two – others have their surgeries cancelled or postponed because of the shortage. This is causing an increase of heart attacks and strikes.

So, if you really want to do something good, go on-line and schedule donating a pint. Every weekend Bloodmobiles are at local church, drug store and supermarket parking lots. The process itself is only 15 minutes but plan an hour between paperwork and waiting time after giving.

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