Gather around children, and let me tell you a story of how life was when I was a young man

  • You once could fly on a plane without showing ID, or taking your shoes and belt off, or putting your wallet, phone, watch, pocket change and anything else on your person in a tray to get scanned – and then standing barefoot in a machine with your arms above your head for a full body scan.
  • Instead of coordinating delivery times of illegals with drug Cartels, Illegals crossing the river were called “Wetbacks” and sent back across
  • Instead of the Capital in DC being fenced off with hundreds of National Guard with rifles standing behind it, people actually travelled to visit the Capital. It wasn’t a War Zone until Liberals made it one.
  • Instead of flash mobs stealing up to $995 per person – you would be arrested if you shoplifted five cent candy bar. If you were about to set buildings on fire – you were shot in the process.
  • Instead of your President mailing you needles and crack pipes, you were arrested if found with a dope pipe or a hypodermic needle.
  • If you were found to be a homosexual while serving in the military, you received a less than Honorable Discharge. Today transgenders get a signing bonus.
  • Instead of learning non-racial math, Eubonics, Socialism, Critical race theory – we learned life skills like reading, grammar and mathematics. Classes I took in Jr. High and High School included drafting, wood shop, metal shop, print shop, auto shop and typing.
  • We didn’t worry about the government having a log of all of our personal conversations. Today all of our texts, cell calls, email and geolocations are held in the NSA’s huge supercomputer. You can bet your bank transactions, credit card charges, tax returns, real property ownership, vehicle ownership, stock purchases, and any other financial information resides on same computer. You should not be surprised if it is found out that all of the photos taken in toll booths, on street corners, government buildings are also there. Your every move is known in the interest of government security – and in the interest of squeezing every nickel of taxes out of you.
  • In 1977, my tax return was 1 page and I completed in 20 minutes. Last year it was 628 pages and I paid $6000 to a CPA to prepare it. Because of AMT, I pay to have my return calculated in two methods – and pay the higher number.
  • Instead of crazy people and drug addicts living in tents on the streets and shitting in the doorways of businesses – we had asylums to protect good people and the criminally crazy themselves.
  • Instead of George Floyd becoming a National Hero worthy of burning down cities – he’d been doing the “Butterbean Boogie” on a prison farm or road work on a chain gang. He’d never beat up that woman in a home burglary, or put a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly, or passed counterfeit currency or killed and untold number of young people with his Fentanyl sales – because he’d still been serving hard time for his earlier crimes.
  • When we watched the News at night, it was the news – not the Ministry of Propaganda. If the President’s son was selling influence to our enemies for tens of millions – they’d report that. If a Senator’s wealth went from zero to $20 Million on a $150K salary – they’d investigate and report it, demanding Justice.
  • You respected and trusted both the Department of Justice and the FBI. You didn’t live in fear of the IRS if you were a Conservative.
  • We wouldn’t have considered tearing down statues, burning/banning books or erasing history.
  • The White heterosexual Christian male was appreciated for the centuries of progress they gave us, instead hated for that same progress.
  • 4-year boys had a pair of cap guns and a cowboy hat. Little girls had a baby carriage with a dolly in it and a tea set.
  • 10-year-old boys had pickup baseball, football or basketball games – or at least were playing catch or shooting baskets. Girls were twirling batons, dancing, or tumbling/cartwheeling. There was physical activity building muscles and strength – not video games.
  • We had Wholesome evening activities like Cub Scouts & Brownies; Boy & Girl Scouts; Campfire Girls and 4H Club. Girls were in their groups and didn’t want to be in the groups for boys. The reverse was true for boys. Boys acted like boys and girls acted like girls. It was the perfect balance nature had always intended.
  • Instead of teachers trying to have sex with their students, convince them that they needed to make a decision on what they want to identify as, and to arrange for the birth control or abortions behind their parent’s backs – they did their best to help kids become productive adult citizens and good future parents.
  • We had two sexes and anything else was a mental disorder.
  • Boys couldn’t wait for their 16th birthday, so they could go to the DMV to apply for their Driver’s license.
  • In high school, you either participated in an extracurricular activity (band, sports, drama, cheerleading…) or you had an after-school job. Col. Sanders, Dairy Queen, Burger King and McDonalds were for future entrepreneurs to learn basic skills – not lifetime careers for the terminally stupid.
  • We were Patriots. We said the Pledge every school day of my life and at the beginning of every Cub Scout and Boy Scout meeting. We learned American history and were encouraged to love America and hate Communism.
  • When I was a kid – virtually every man I knew had served in the military. My father, all of my uncles, all male cousins older than me, my foster brother, and the fathers of all of my friends were serving or Veterans. Virtually every man in political office was a Veteran. World War II movies were the rage, and the TV Show Combat was the favorite of all boys. Our Grandfathers served in WWI, our uncles and fathers served in Korea or WWII and our brothers and cousins were serving in Vietnam. My dad enlisted at 17; my uncles, foster brother, and cousin enlisted right out of high school at 18. I knew I’d always be a GI from the moment I understood what a GI was. When I was 16 (I’d dropped out of school) I took my tests, and as soon as I turned 17, I took my oath and got my induction date. My three closest friends followed me in as soon as they graduated. I’m betting 3/4 of baby-boomer men have served. Now all WWII and Korea era veterans are long dead. More than half of us Vietnam era veterans are dead. That’s watered down the number of men over 21 who have served to less than 1%, down from 75% when I was a young man. Think about that! The lack of the draft is a contributor to this reduction. The lack of patriotism is a big factor in the reduction. Kids are taught to hate America in school, and to especially hate the Military. The conclusion of the Vietnam War had turned people off on the military. While people 50 years later now thank me for my service, there were decades where my generation of Veteran didn’t speak of our service to any non-veteran. However, I feel the biggest reason is today’s boys are just big pussies. Testosterone is at the lowest point in boys since the ability to measure began. Boys now are pencil-necked, toothpick-arm disgraces. I blame their mothers for the overprotecting and the Liberals for preaching male toxicity. Today’s little snowflakes are a hot mess.
  • On the subject of the military, it too is a hot mess. When I was in, we were made to understand that the military was a big machine. A death machine! Each of us little green weenies were cogs in that machine. When one cog fails – the machine fails. Women in combat weren’t allowed because they were a distraction. Homos weren’t allowed because they were a distraction. You were taught to respect chain of command, be disciplined, and pay attention to detail. While it was a shifty time to have been a GI, those of us who survived learned life skills that changed our lives. I would never have experienced the level of business success I saw had I not served when I did. Today’s military is a shadow of the military it once was. Clinton, Obama and Biden – none of which had the Balls to serve – have turned it into a Liberal Social Experiment. The Generals they put into place are historically the worst you could put in Command. Instead of being educated in Military Academies, many have been educated (brainwashed) at Liberal Universities like Columbia and Harvard. The very few of today’s enlisted men who are true warriors – are distracted because of poor leadership and being a Social Experiment. The machine doesn’t function properly.

Trust me, I could go on for hours pointing to the differences of my era as a young man, compared to now – but I’ve made my point. The once great American Culture is dying. Soon it will be on life support and will fully die when Liberalism’s corrupt Deep State have completed their task. There’s still a chance for America, but there are not enough Patriots with the fight in them to speak up and create change. Too much change is needed in schools, journalism, politics, government agencies – and parents. The Deep State will win. When my generation is dead, we’ll be the last to have lived the majority of our lives without tyranny from the Federal Government.

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