World War III

Don’t think we’re close to it?

Hitler 1st invaded Czechoslovakia & Austria claiming Germans lived there, before invading Poland, Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Britain, Soviet Union and Britain. While that was happening, Japan attacked China and all of the Islands of the South Pacific – before WWII in the Pacific began – and drew us in.

Putin has Annexed Crimea and Belarus; and now has invaded the Ukraine. History repeats? After The Ukraine, the rest of the countries in the area are NATO Nations – where an attack against one is an attack against all. That’s the beginning of WWIII, and the reinstatement of the draft. Meanwhile, China violated Hong Kong’s Rights and treaty by bringing them into Communism kicking and Screaming – and soon Taiwan will be attacked. At no time in history have we almost duplicated the start of WWII.

So why do we buy our oil and fertilizer (which we use to produce) from Russia; and virtually everything else (including all of our medications) from China? We are financing the possibility of WWIII.

Smart and honest people know that none of this would be happening if Trump were President. The occupant of the White House (he sure as Hell isn’t my President) is weak and feckless.

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