Shrinkflation is how producers pass on the cost of inflation without having to raise the price as much as they’d need to. Just a few examples include:

  • 5 less chips in a small bag of Doritos
  • 90 Garbage bags become 80
  • Less toilet paper and paper towels (168 sheets to 120) on a roll
  • 10-20% less candy bar
  • 5.9oz cat food becoming 5.1oz
  • Gallon Ice Cream now 48ozs
  • 1lb Wheat Thins now 14oz
  • 59oz of Tropicana now 52oz
  • Package of carrots have less carrots
  • 3 tubes of Ritz Crackers instead of 4
  • Gatorade & Powerade from 32oz to 28oz
  • General Mills cereal from 19.3oz to 18.1oz
  • Pringles from 5.5oz to 5.2oz
  • Reese PeanutButter Cups from 1.6oz to 1.5oz
  • Hershey Kisses from 18oz to 16oz

These are but a few examples and are all food – but rest assure that the same is happening from screws and nails to ink jet and laser cartridges. Not only is inflation calculated differently (the 1980s method would have real inflation at over 14% instead of the 7.9 your government tells you), Shrinkflation is not calculated into it. They go by package, not net contents, which is shrinking.


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