Guns Aren’t Brainwashing Kids

Brandon is on TV calling for stronger gun laws, lying by saying an 18 year can go into a gun store and buy two Assault rifles in Texas. They cannot do that. That’s a flat out lie.

Let’s look at what is really killing these children, it’s other kids. We didn’t worry about that when I went to school in the 60s, or my parents in the 40s, or my kids in the 80s and 90s. What’s changed with kids today? Mostly the schools, teachers and agendas. They’re brainwashed with Liberal Politics. They’re indoctrinated with perverse sexual identification. They’re taught hate and wokeness.

Guns didn’t create these monsters, Liberals did. None of these shootings are done by Conservatives and Libertarians – they’re done by whacko degenerates. It’s the Liberals who created, coddled, bailout, and defend the Antifa generation.

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