Stalin’s Plan to Own America

In the 30s, Stalin sent a large number of spies to the US. They spoke flawless English, and they came in through Canada. Their mission was to infiltrate Law Schools, Journalism Schools, and Teacher’s Colleges as professors. By traveling through Canada (in the pre computer records days and good record keeping in Canada) they were easily accepted as accredited college Professors.

Stalin believed if you could brainwash the future politicians (lawyers become Senators & Presidents), newspaper and radio reporters, and all of the future children – you could in time evolve a country into the most perfect Communist state. Today’s generation of lawyers, teachers and news reporters are exactly what Stalin planned for, and they have no idea that their evolution was plan whose plan was executed many generations ago.

Our schools have devolved into mindless incubators of destructive leftist propaganda that lionizes victimhood, socialism, transgenderism and mediocrity.

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