Gavin Newsom Stops by White House to Discuss Tacos with Dr. Jill

So while the Deep State sends Brandon to give a half Billion dollars to Palestine to build a hospital (I’m sure that’s what they’ll use it for) and to beg Camel Jockeys for their oil (instead of us using our cleaner oil that employs Americans) – Gavin Newsom is snuck into the White House through the Rose Garden door. First the White House gave some bullshit excuse, then said he was visiting Dr. Jill. Most likely to discuss breakfast tacos!

Obama spent eight years installing his operatives into high positions of the Federal government, and you’d have to be totally stupid to not believe the Executive Office has a puppet President and run by committee. In the Soviet Union it was called the Politbureau – here we refer to it as the Deep State.

So, what nefarious reason would the Gov. of California come the day after Brandon leaves – instead of the day before to pay his respects? Was he meeting with the Deep State leaders to figure out how to ease out Joe & Ho, was he measuring the drapes, did he try out Brandon’s chair and put his feet up on the desk? Enquiring Minds want to know!

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