Biden Buys Votes From Millennials’

I EARNED my college education by serving in the Air Force (72-76) during a pretty tough time to be a GI. I EARNED the money to put my wife through Nursing School. I EARNED the money for one daughter to spend five years at Baylor. I EARNED the money four my other four kids to attend college. I EARNED the money to open college brokerage accounts with $5,000 for each of my nine Grandkids. I EARNED the money to send my five kids to Private schools because the Public Schools are loaded with non-English speaking Illegals and taught by degenerate teachers. My school taxes on two properties averaged $40K a year for the last 25 years. I EARNED that money taken from me, despite my not having kids in public school.

I’ve worked hard, took risks and had nothing given to me. I owe no one a cent. I’ve not had a car loan since 1986 or a mortgage since 1993. If I could not afford it, I didn’t have it. I’ve own close to a dozen businesses but was never leveraged in any of them. My parents and grandparents were dead broke – and no one in my family even thought of college.

As a married man with a kid, I drove a 4-dr 1960 Biscayne 3-on-the-tree with radio/heater delete and puke & wipe vinyl seats and floor. I drove that car on regionwide service calls repairing electronic postage machines. There were winter days in Western New York where I drove 200 miles wearing two pair of long johns, while scraping my frozen breath off the inside of the windshield with a cheap plastic scrapper. I graduated from that to a rusty ’75 Pinto wagon with a 4-speed to save money. I drove it 120 miles (Batavia to East Brighton) to work (as a Computer Salesman) 5 days a week – and maybe more miles on the weekend.

That shit is called taking Personal Responsibility. Older than this couple generations of moochers, there are a couple (The Greatest and the Baby Boomers) of generations of people who would never ask for or expect financial help from anyone. That is called Self Respect.

The definition of Communism is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. After all the PPP loas forgiven, the Student Debt Forgiven, unemployment payments higher than if you worked, the Helicopter dropping o tens of billions to the Indian – because they’re more impacted than us Crackers, the mailing of $2000 checks to people with kids…… tell me we’re not a Communist Government.

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