Fascistbook is Nothing More Than the Deep State’s Ministry of Truth

The Oxford Dictionary Defines Deep State As

deep state


  1. a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy. “the deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern”
Wikipedia Explains Deep State as

A deep state is a type of governance made up of potentially secret and unauthorized networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals.

Merriam-Webster defines as:

deep state


pluraldeep states

an alleged secret network of especially nonelected government officials and sometimes private entities (as in the financial services and defense industries) operating extralegally to influence and enact government policy

Origin of the Current Deep State

Briefly, The Current Deep State began almost immediately after Obama became President. He installed radical Leftists and Racists like Eric Holder as Attorney General of the Department of Justice. He installed Leftist Loyalist Rod Rosenstein as Assistant Attorney General. All of Obama’s records were sealed, unlike Trump’s eight years later.

The Department of Justice oversees the FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS. Holder and Rosenstein installed hardcore Leftist Loyalists like Jim Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and Janet Napalitano to head those departments. They in turn loaded up the top floor of their agencies with actors like Andy McCabe. Anyone to the right of Stalin in upper positions were fired or moved to the mailroom and replaced with hardcore Leftist loyal to Obama.

The same occurred to every other Executive Cabinet. You may recall the name of Lois Lerner and the IRS destroying the Tea Party with audits and not approving status to act as a political entity. Over the next eight years the Deep State became stronger every day by replacing turnover with those they cultivated for the Deep State. Eight years of unchecked installation.

Each of these Departments attacked and destroyed the Political Enemies of Obama. When Obama suckered Chrysler into taking a government loan in 2009, they about half of the country’s Chrysler dealerships. The “Car Czar” that Obama put in place was Steve Ratner. He was married to Mauren White, who was Obama’s Chief Fund Raiser in the election. She had access to the records of all businesses and individuals that donated toward the Presidential Election, and to which candidate. Coincidentally, every dealership closed but one (a Hillary loyalist who spoke ill of Obama) was owned by a Republican. The same retaliation against Republican businesses was done by all other Executive agencies. The EPA closed any Republican owned business it could with bogus violations. The IRS audited those Obama considered his enemies. They all blatantly did thid because they had the media on their side. I’m a Vietnam Era Veteran. Most Veterans of that era are Republican. Janet Napolitano (Department of Homeland Security) branded us all as Violent War Mongerers and Potential Terrorists. My bank told me I was on the Terrorist Watch List after calling DHS because if a large deposit. I always got extra special service by the TSA when flying.

Meanwhile in the White House, Obama had people like Susan Rice and Valarie Jarrett installed in the Leadership Positions for Obama’s Deep State. They not only saw that Comey, Clapper, Rosenstein, Napolitano, Brennan and McCabe marched in locked – step – it arranged for big money to be given to the Green Scam Companies like Solindra.

The way the Green Scam works is that the government gives big money to big donors, who in turn funnel it back in politicians in contributions or high paying no show Jobs for family members. The same happens to book publishers and colleges, who give insane book deals and teaching jobs to high-ranking Deep State members in their retirements.

The military was also turned into Deep State actors. All West Point Generals not part of the program was fired from their high-ranking positions and forced into retirements. Liberal Officers educated at Columbia and Berkley were promoted into the highest-ranking positions. They in turn filled the positions below them with Liberals.

After Obama’s eight years of building the Deep State, it was so Strong that it collectively sought to destroy Trump and anyone associated with him. When Trump was elected, the Deep State was so established that Trump’s Attorney Generals and Directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and most other agencies were so flush with unelected Deep State Minions, that the Directors were toothless and just ignored by their subordinates. Rosenstein convinced Trump’s first Attorney General to recuse himself and have the Deep State hack Mueller appointed as Special Council.

The Deep State did everything in its power to ruin anyone having anything to do with Trump, and conducted bogus investigation after investigation against Trump. In the Meantime, no charges were filed against Hillary for the illegal and unsecure server, destruction of evidence, perjury,and/or Bill’s plane meeting with Loretta Lynch (who replaced Holder as AG) while Hillary was under investigation – to discuss golf and grandkids.

Since Biden was elected, the FBI has been tasked to act as the Deep State’s Gestapo. School parents were labeled terrorists by the DOJ and FBI as hall monitors. Early morning raids with dozens of rifles pointed at the heads of those friendly to Trump, Pro Life activists, pillow manufacturers, or any out of towner in DC on January 6th. While there’s no investigation on Hunter’s many crimes, the Big Guy’s miraculous millions, Comey giving Classified info to a college professor to give to CNN, or any other political criminal of the Deep State – homes are raided at 6am (with CNN) in tow, the firmer Furst Lady’s panty drawer is rifled, and all records and electronic devices confiscated. Republicans are stopped in airports and in front of Burger Joints to have the FBI take their cell phones. The Gestapo and JGB weren’t as bold as the Deep State’s FBI. You could literally write a book on the Banana Republic tactics the Deep State’s Gestapo is currently using. You can bet money on they’ll retaliate against me for simply saying this. They do these things to show you examples of what can happen to you if you pull your head out of the sand and speak it on this Tyranny. 99.44% know this, but don’t have the balls to do anything more than turn their head and look away. Intimidation works.

Anyone with the IQ higher than a complete moron knows Biden has not been in charge. Obama directs the Deep State through Susan Rice and Valarie Jarrett, with Biden merely a feckless puppet. The Deep State is stronger than it ever has been, and they no longer even care to even hide its tyranny!

So, What Does This Have to Do with Fascistbook?

It is widely understood that the CIA really created Facebook. Sure, the little pussy in charge had an idea for a social network, but it was the CIA who saw this as an opportunity to have the world give it their personal thoughts and bankrolled it through shill “White Knight” Investors. The little pencil-neck being to the Left of Mao, was more than happy to be the CIA’s tool and make billions in the process.

Facebook has admitted to spending hundreds of millions, but it’s more likely billions, to influence the election. They’re only useful to the Deep State so long as there’s a Deep State. They not only act as the Ministry of Truth and the Thought Police by Banning or Shadow Banning the enemies of the Deep State – they also act as their snitches. They reported to the FBI everyone who mentioned the Hunter Laptop (also removed the post and banned) before the election. Then they reported to the FBI everyone to post a question, statement or meme of the election being Stolen. If that were not enough, they scanned each and every private message for keywords provided to them by the FBI – and gave these messages to the FBI. Look it up if this is the first you’ve heard of this. It is an undisputed fact! If that’s what they were caught doing for the Deep State – what have they not been caught doing – yet? What is covered up so good that no one will ever know. The White House has a staff doing nothing but searching and reporting memes to be taken down, and people to ban. The little toothpick armed Ferry is more than happy to comply.

The former Chief of Information Security at Facebook, just testified to Congress that the company is full to the gills with Chinese spies in upper positions. You think that China doesn’t have every keystroke you ever typed in Facebook? Data Storage is cheap. Just ask the NSA, who has all of your emails, phone metadata, credit card, banking transactions and God know what else. The Liberals have always done business with the Chinese, because it pays well; and they like them more than Americans. From Clinton renting the Lincoln bedroom to a Chinese spy or selling the Dorial Satellite secrets or the Los Alamos hard drives of nuclear secrets making it to China, or Hillery’s bathroom email server (being a hacker’s highway) when she was SOS – the Clintons have sold out Americans. Stallwel was banging Fang Fang, and it wasn’t because she thought it was sexy. The Deep State whisked her away to stifle the story. Duane Feinstein’s limo driver for decades was a Chinese spy. Hunter was paid tens of millions selling out the country as his Dad’s bagman. If you can’t see that our government is not only the most corrupt and tyrannical government we’ve had – but now the most corrupt in the history if the World – you are blind and the reason why they can do it.

What Can Be Done?

  • Open your eyes, stop being brainwashed by the MSM by boycotting them
  • Educate the ignorant. Share articles like this with your family and friends
  • Start screaming for Term Limits to rid ourselves of the corrupt Congress who have made a career out if selling out America
  • Put Trump back in the White House. He realizes that he should have flushed the whole Deep State out of the DOJ and Armed Forces Leadership, and you know he’ll do it for sure. You can’t bet that anyone else will. He has proven that he won’t cower from the Deep State attacks on him. No one else has proved they can take what he has been dished out without folding, because no one has been subjected to have of what he has.
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