Fascistbook Bans the New Dave on the Same Day They Removed the Old Dave Completely

So, my old Dave Schultz account was removed today for posting the photo of Hunter Biden in a Jock Strap a couple months ago. They said I was removed for posting nudity, and the appeal went nowhere. They were kind enough to allow me to download all my photos (which I did not) before vaporizing my account.

This evening I log into my newer account and get a message saying if I’m “depressed or feel like I’m going to harm” myself or another, they can help. Then they ban me for 24 hours after I hit continue. Kinda makes sense, I’ve always made it a habit of punishing depressed people for their own good.

Then they show me the weak ass meme that might indicate I’m depressed and whacked me for.

Take a minute to give this whole thing time to soak in. You need to appreciate all of the Ironic areas this whole thing covers.

Oh, and BTW #FJB

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