My Prediction for 2023

Pain, and lots of it.

I try to be positive, but I’ve been both a medium size business owner and a stock trader since 1983. I’ve seen the Hunt Brother’s crash the Silver in mid 80s, The RTC/Savings & Loan Scandal of early 90s, the Dot Com crash at turn of Century, Bank and Insurance failures from “Liar Loans”, 9/11 Attack, Auto Manufacturers Crash and now this. I’ve been a student of what the effect these crises had on my business, my economy and my personal finances. I’ve learned that it takes many months or even years to experience the effects from bad management. Then even longer before you will see a turnaround, from after good management practices were implemented.

With this knowledge, I’ve more often than not made the correct adjustment to my financial allocations based on what experience taught me what would happen next. I’ve sold homes, stocks, Funds, gold and even businesses when I thought recent actions would start to nibble away their valve. Starting a business and building a home is dependent on what Party has control, and what they’re doing with that control. I’ve been off with the timing a couple of times. In December 2020, I pulled 1/3 out of the Stock Market and (to spread gains over two years) in January 2021 I pulled another 1/3 out. I was convinced that Biden would be bad for the Stock Market. He is, but reaction took a year later than I thought it would. The first year the market actually did great. However, Biden’s second year the market has lost 33% of its value. The economy is slow to react to the Government’s bad decisions, but it will ultimately react, and it will hurt.

The bad management of the US Federal Government continues to worsen. Just when you think they just made the worse decision ever, they top it with yet a worse decision. We still haven’t come close to seeing the worst of the effects from Illegals getting the red carpet, Fentanyl killing more than Covid, war on fossil fuels, laziness of workers not returning to work, Supply Chain Shortages, DOJ/FBI/DHS/IRS/NSA operating the Deep State as a Police State, rampant Election Fraud, MSM acting as the Ministry of Propaganda, stoking racism and everything else the Deep State has done to destroy America.

At the moment, little can be done with the current White House and Senate. The House is making a lot of noise – but with the election over they’ll do nothing they promised. Democrats have proved that you can wheel out the vilest people – and they’ll be elected. They simply promise the government will give Moochers a free ride by making the Producers pay for it all. The citizens of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and Neveda have been the newest to disappoint. Once States known to be of hard-working Americans, they’ve proved that they’re now Moochers States. Moochers will always Elect Looters to Steal from Moochers. They’re lazy, greedy and lack ethics.

I’ve been a watcher of economist Larry Kudlow for about 25 years. For the last year and half, he’s fought anyone who said the US Economy is certain to crash with a hard landing in 2023. He say that he felt that there was a good chance of a Recession, but we still had a chance of a softer landing if there was one. I’d always disagreed with him on that opinion, as I feel too much damage has already been done in the last two years. I promise you we’ve not yet felt the real effects from those mistakes – but we should by Spring. Yesterday I heard Kudlow say that he now feels a bad recession with a hard landing is inevitable, and it will take at least two years for it to end. I feel that it will also take many years after that to be close again to the Trump Days. Obviously, that’s only if the government turned around their bad policy decisions right now – which we all know they won’t.

All of that said, the below are my predictions for 2023.

  • Diesel Prices will go even higher. On January 20th 2021, I was paying $1.85 for diesel, and paid about that amount on every fill up since around 2017. Now that all of the pipelines were shut down, most oil is transported in diesel burning ships and trains. So were using diesel to transport diesel – thus needing more diesel. Biden’s handlers hate the oil industry. The EPA is breaking the balls of the refineries with unreasonable regulations. In turn, they’ve not invested in their refineries. Biden has push banks to not finance drillers, had shut down drilling on public lands, and shut down all the pipelines to remote drill sites to where there is no way to move oil. They drill less and pump less. With Biden threatening to bankrupt them, the Oil Companies doing zero investing in new sites. They’re just waiting and hoping for a change in 2024 and will do nothing until change. Our Petroleum Reserves have been depleted by half. The Democrats stopped Trump from filling it when oil was $20 a barrel in 2020. As high as Diesel was in December 2021, its a $1.03 a gallon higher a single year later as I write this. The bottom line is we need more diesel, but the oil industry will do nothing to help the President who says he’ll ruin them. They want you to remember this pain and vote his ass out in 2024. So, expect everything produced, and/or shipped using diesel to continue to go up in price. The Reserves of Diesel (in terms of “weeks of supply”) is the lowest in 40 years when far fewer vehicles used diesel. Airplane fuel and heating oil is a very close relative of Diesel. There will be shortages of that too from now to March, and again in October 2023 through March 2024.
  • Critical Shortages of Medicines. China accounted for 95 percent of U.S. imports of ibuprofen, 91 percent of U.S. imports of hydrocortisone, 70 percent of U.S. imports of acetaminophen, 40 to 45 percent of U.S. imports of penicillin and 40 percent of U.S. imports of heparin, according to Commerce Department data. The Federal Government has permitted our mortal enemy to produce a substantial percentage of our Pharmaceuticals. We are an aging public, with Younger Baby Boomers (our largest population) pushing 70 and the older in their 80s. The demand for medicines has and will increases every year until this demographic has more than 50% gone. China currently has a “Zero Tolerance” policy on Covid, welding shut doors and gates shut on those testing positive. They’ve done “the Biden” by shutting down most of their Industries (creating a supply problem) and prioritizing medicines. The first going to their citizens. While they don’t have a financial interest to starve us on medicine shipments, the supply and demand has already created shortages here in the US and it has absolutely no where to go but worse. It is a very stupid policy to let your enemy have any type of control over your medicines. However, now Doctors will need to compromise on effectiveness when they can’t prescribe the best medicine. Illnesses will be more dramatic, drug prices will skyrocket more, and insurance companies will both raise rates and cut coverage of certain drugs.
  • Inflation Will Sky Rocket. Your government tells you that inflation is at about 8.5% – but that’s a lie. They don’t calculate the things that have gone up the most (some doubled since 1/20/21) like homes, fuel, food, cars… so they lie. It will continue to go up and the Ministry of Propaganda will lie and ask you if you are going to believe your lying eyes.
  • The Deep State will become even more corrupt and Tyrannical. Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch turned the DOJ into the Deep State’s Spearhead. The DOJ has the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA and CISA reporting to them. To create the Deep State, Obama fired virtually all Non-elected Career Attorneys and employees in management positions, and Holder/Lynch installed thousands (who in turn hired 100s of thousands) of the most Left-Wing Communists they could find. When Trump put in Sessions and Barr to clean it up – they were ignored by people like McCabe, Rosenstein, Struck/Page and others – and rendered feckless. The IRS received funding to hire and arm 86,000 new agents. They’re going to need them, because the tax code has gotten so out of hand that they’re even going after money not due them. Venmo, Paypal and Zelle will be sending you 1099s. Sell for $250 a bedroom set that you paid $1,000 ten years ago? If you don’t want to have that $250 taxed as income, you had better have a 10-year-old receipt for $1000, then you will pay your tax preparer (they love this law) to list the original price from your receipt on the return, they’ll amortize it for current valve, and then figure out how much of the $250 is taxable income. They know few will have the receipt and that you will pay your accountant more to calculate on your return than it costs to just pay the tax. Expect Liberal States to also want Sales Tax and Income tax from those transactions. The IRS is fighting to have every credit card purchase and every bank deposit reported to them to see where they can tax you more. They know the cost of this to your tax preparation will make you o soon agree to a Cashless Digital society. Big Brother wants to know exactly every purchase you make and know of every asset you own. This is not for your good. If you’re to the Right of Karl Marx – expect audits. I have two words for you – Joyce Lerner.
  • You will finally give up Hope for Justice. All of the things the Republicans said they’d investigate and fix to get elected, will become their lies. No one ever holds bad politicians accountable – that’s why Schumer, Pelosi, Biden and the other crooks and liars keep getting re-elected. Don’t expect any of the below to get a serious investigation by the House. They’re afraid that doing so will cost them the 2024 election.
    • Hillary’s email server
    • The Russian Docier
    • Spying on Trump
    • FBI/DOJ corruption
    • Election fraud
    • Hunter’s laptop, gun permit, pedophilia, Graft Bagman, and more
    • Joe Biden’s corruption, selling influence, pedophilia
    • Epstein’s Client List and “Suicide”
    • Money to the Ukraine
    • Graft & Corruption
  • You will see more hidden taxes. Take a real close look at all of your Bills. They’re sneaking in more taxes every year. For instance, I just rented a car in Phoenix for four days, and all of the taxes added up to more than the actual rental. There was like five different taxes. Every year it seems there’s a new tax added in my car insurance water bill, electric bill, gas bill, cell phone, car registration and anything else they can get their hands on. It was worse in 2022 than 2021 which was worse 2020. Few people look at all of the tax addons to their bill. Start reading the detail on your bills. Start talking about it with family and friends. They sneak more money into these bills because they can get away with it. For 2023, you will see new taxes sneak its way into bills you’d never guessed, and the existing taxes will get increased.
  • Shrinkflation is the unspoken Inflation. If you receive less product or service for the same or more paid – that’s Shrinkflation. No maid service at hotels, self-checkout at Walmart and Lowes, fewer Cheetos in the bag, 10% less Captain Crunch in the box, no more hotel or rent-a-car shuttles, the steak 2oz smaller at Texas Roadhouse, less being covered under new car warranty, fewer doctors and drugs covered by your insurance, less shampoo in the bottle, – those are but a few examples of the Shrinkflation going on right now. It works better than jacking up prices – and the pace will pick up further. If you feel you get less but are not sure – search for the old package size.
  • Percentage of people wanting to work will be lower than the Great Depression. Real Unemployment will set records. Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Facebook and virtually every large corporation is laying off or firing tens of thousands of people right now, before Christmas. Workers spoiled by Biden paying them more to not work, who now to refuse to return to work after Covid. Burger flippers at the Golden Arches want $22 an hour and are the worst employees they’ve ever had. If they have to put their sub-par working skills to work, they want to be paid equal to a Union Pipe Fitter. The crop of young people getting ready for the workforce are the most ignorant in 300 years. Most of the blame goes to the woke agenda school system. We send our kids to be brainwashed and not educated. Parents are also to blame. They’re happy not to be bothered when their kids are locked in their room with an iPhone, Tablet or game Station. They don’t have them learning responsibility with chores or after-school jobs. There are no manners taught – like Please and Thank you, Sir or Mam. They’re entitled, rude, selfish and incredibly socially awkward.
  • The Moocher to Producer Ratio becomes unsustainable for Capitalism. The Child tax credit use to be $500 per kid. It’s going to $3,500. Moochers love free stuff. Look at the last election. Some of the once great states for Producers gave become Moocher States. Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all elected the vilest of Politicians for the promise of free shit. We are already full fledge Socialists. The government collects money from the few Producers and redistributes to the multitude of Moochers. That is 100% Socialism! All of this gets worst, and not better for 2023.
  • Home Ownership Drops. Here in the Houston area, the same home that was on the market for 5 months at $165,000 in 2020 – lasts only days for $280,000 now. Between the high prices and the high interest rates, more than half the people who could have bought a $165,000 home at 2.9 %interest 2 years ago, can’t afford the same home for $280,000 at 7.9% interest today. Also in Houston, 30% of the homes sold are bought with China money disguised as American corporations. They (China) are not only manipulating the home resale prices – but as the biggest landlord they fix the price of your lease. You can’t afford to buy a home, so you’ll pay their rent.
  • Homelessness continues to set new records. Partially the price of a home, partially the unemployment, partially Americans being spoiled into not having to work, partially the schools teaching Wokeness over the three Rs, partially all of this gender confusion illnesses, partially drug addiction on the rise from China pouring Fentanyl into the country and Marijuana legalization in states causing addiction, partially the shuttering of all mental instructions, partially the cities giving you three hots and a cot in their tent city, and many other factors. Our cities will have millions of gender confused, drug addicted crazy zombies crapping in the doorways of your favorite store, and bathing in the restroom of your favorite restaurant. Mark my words, 2023 and 2024 will make the 2022 Homeless situation look like a joke. Free needles, crack pipes and a stoned community will attract them for all over the world.
  • Brick and Mortar stores will pull out of cities. They will have had enough of the flash mobs shoplifting, violent crime. Their customers no longer will walk the gauntlet of drugged up Zombies and stepping over their turds.
  • Race riots will increase. Obama set the country back 50 years in race relations. The MSM, Colleges, schools, Liberal Politicians and everyone else screaming racist at everything is stoking the fires. It appears that every time a Black man attacks a cop and gets his ass kick, a riot follows. Watch the news and look at who is pushing people onto subway tracks, sucker punching people, flash mob shoplifting, the rapes, the beating the shit out of 80-year-olds for their wallet or purse, baseball bats to the back of heads. Most all of this is Black on White Crime. That’s what your eyes see, but what’s really reported is a crazy white boy doing something stupid. While us Crackers don’t really talk about this imbalance of crime and justice for fear of being called racist – we see it for what it is and we’re tired of it. What happens when there’s an attack of the electrical grid, Internet goes down, Computers are hacked into, EMF taking out anything electronic, another pandemic, a terrorist’s dirty bomb? You’re going to want to be on the bus route when the moochers don’t receive their government assistance from computers being down or there are no stores left open in the hood! They’ll burn American cities to the ground.
  • Record Personal Bankruptcies. There are millions of families who have not paid their mortgage for months or years – but the woke banks have not yet foreclosed out of public relations fear. That ends soon. Soon those homes will flood the market. Food, utilities, fuel and routinely bills are generally paid from monthly income. However, for most, their income hasn’t kept up with their expenses. Their personal savings have been emptied out, and routine living expenses have been thrown onto high interest credit cards. If you add $500 to the balance every month and only pay $50 a month towards it – a day soon comes when your line of credit is maxed, you can’t pay the monthly expenses, you’re out of credit cards and you still don’t have money to pay bills. Personal Bankruptcies will be an all-time high in 2023.
  • Record Business Closures. Businesses small and large have spent the last two years with high labor and transportation costs, rampant shoplifting and crime, increased taxes, supply chain shortages, losses from riots, increased insurance, and inflation on the inventory. A very large percentage of these businesses who survived the last two years with PPP and compromises finally throw in the towel in 2023. Waiting for the economy to turn around while bleeding money just didn’t happen before the money ran out.
  • Foreign Relations will be at its lowest since WWI. Russia is making a fortune selling oil and waging war. China will have an even tighter grip on our balls for all we let them do to let them own more of the US. All of our Enemies like Iran, North Korea, Russia will take advantage of the weakness of Biden and the siding of Muslim over Israel. Even our friends think we’re a joke No one can really predict what exactly will happen, but our World Standing will take a big hit in 2023 and the World will be more dangerous.

Your best way through these troubled times coming, is to make your adjustments while you still can.

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