The Deep State’s Social Media

In three years, I’ve said whatever I wanted on Mewe, and only had one account.
Fascistbook, on the other hand has deleted about 25 of my accounts, despite me toning down what I said on Mewe by about half.

The World’s worst kept secret is that the FBI & CIA funded the Facebook project so they could collect information on citizens without having to do shit. People would just give them photos, relationships, addresses, creditcard info, friendships, work, school and college. They must have laughed their asses off in the beginning at how stupid Americans are. 90% are too cowardly to get involved with speaking up on their freedom’s taken away.

I tried hard to get my family and friends to use Mewe instead of Facebook – but like the rest of America -they’re too apathetic to care. They see it, but won’t believe it, so they stay with the Deep State’s Social Media and watch their friends who care enough to speak up get removed. They know that the FBI and White House have a staff of thousands acting as the “Thought Police” and identifying those who will not be herded like sheep – but that’s ok with them. They just don’t care and will never be a leader. There are simply are not enough leaders to go first so the followers will herd that way.

Well there is a point where I throw in the towel, and leave Facebook, my extended family, my Air Force Friends, my High School Friends, my Racing Friends, and my Mopar Friends.

So go ahead and support tyranny. Its just not worth the effort of dealing with people who see it happening – but refuse to speak up.

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