Facebook and the FBI are Slithering Around in Your Phone

TikTok right now is the new big outrage with them sliming around inside your phone and the information going to the Chinese Communist Party. And rightly so we should find that collecting and assimilating personal information appalling. However, they’re but one of a million entities using apps to do a deep search of your phone for juicy information.

The worst kept secret is that US Intelligence funneled billions of dollars into Fascistbook. We’ve all pretty much seen that the Deep State has free access to all information collected from you, your photos, your contacts. However, did you know that Fascistbook freely admits what they’re doing with the information on your Smart Photo. Remember, what they really do VS. what they say they’re doing is always going to be filtered. That is unless you completely trust Fascistbook and the Deep State Federal Government.

I’ve removed the app from my phone, and I’ll soon get another iPhone for different machine device and free of spyware. They have what they have, but I’m not going to be an active part of my privacy rights (that’s just mouth service – as there is 0% Privacy from the government) violated. Most of you will just blow this off and accept the deep scans and data collection of your phone, but your family and friends might not have a clue about this. A good friend would share with other friends so they can make their decision. Simple look at the app info on the Apple Store and see the proof.

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