Mommy, Why Did Biden Use Taxpayer Money to Bail Out Silicon Valley Bank?

Very Simple. All the Hollywood and Silicon Valley Liberals put all of their cash there. Those people are huge donors to Democrats, specifically for this protection. The bank itself bank was woke and made loans based on skin color (other than White), Gender (other than male/female) and sexual orientation (other than Straight).

The bank not only used bank money to support Woke players like BLM, Democrat politicians and the DNC. It also made risky loans exclusively to “Green Energy” startups, who launder Democrat’s Graft that will give them huge government contracts and rebate incentives for those who buy their products.

Trust me, if Trump had $590 million and Dave Schultz had $24 million on deposit and the bank made loans exclusively to the oil, automotive or farming industries – the bank would have been shut down years ago, the officers imprisoned and Trump and Schultz would have lost everything over $250k.

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