Rewiring the Screamin’ Woody

One of the weak points of the wagon was the wiring. It was a combination of an 8-circuit Painless panel spliced into existing wiring from 63 years ago with some added lamp cord wiring I’m sure.

I started by ripping all wiring out of the car.

The system I’m installing is a K & R Circuitboard.

I fabricated a plate to hold the circuit board and distribution blocks, and attached it to the Passenger side door crossbar.

Next was the bench work of wiring up everything according to the diagram that comes with the kit. Then to bundle up tight bundles of the wires going to the different locations of the car and wrap them in convuluted tubing, marked with a specific color tie wrap every three feet. the below are some progress photos.

I’m at the point now to where I need to mount the board and ignition box, then route the bundles to the areas of car the components are, and wire them up.

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