Facts Are Racist, So Don’t Expect to See on MSM

While details are still sketchy, three White Kids were found dead in Ocala, FL earlier in the week. You might not have heard much on it on TV, because after all they were just White Kids. Two Black Kids were arrested today, and another one is sought in the murder. Again, you won’t see much of this in the News.

While it is rumored that all six were up to something nefarious when the Black Kids turned on the White Kids, it isn’t a coincidence that all Victims were White, and all Murderers were Black. I point this out because if it had been the reverse, it would be all over the news, Rev. Soundbyte and the Muslim Brotherhood would have parachuted into Ocala, and cities would be burning down.

Captain Obvious and most of us know what we’re not allowed to talk about this huge Black on White Crime. With the direction of Race Relations since Barack and Big Mike infested the White House, I am convinced there will be a huge Civil War coming. I’ve been preparing for the increased danger to us Crackers by moving to the country (off the bus route), put up an iron fence with electric gate around the property, have four dogs, surveillance cameras and lots of ammunition. I’d stopped carrying over the last could of years – but have started again. I suggest that my friends and family who aren’t carrying reconsider their position. Get Qualified, Get Permitted, Get a good 380acp that you will keep in your front pocket – and Don’t be a victim.

Shit is gonna be going down if the Liberals keep stoking the fires with Reparations, Wokeness, and excuses for violent crimes perpetrated in inner cities by black gangs. Don’t let wokeness and the fear of being called racist have you ignore the facts, or you too might be found dead in a dumpster.

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