I need about Five Friends with Five Minutes Spare Time

I bought the high-quality SSL Certificate for 10 of my sites and in the process of installing them all.

What is SSL certificate and how does it work?

An SSL certificate is a file installed on a website’s origin server. It’s simply a data file containing the public key and the identity of the website owner, along with other information. Without an SSL certificate, a website’s traffic can’t be encrypted with TLS.

Installing these on my sites are a little on the complicated side as all have Word Press front Ends — but some have Forums or a Wiki. There are 100 things that can go wrong and a dozen different browsers, so I need a few friends with a few minutes spare time to log in to make sure that the browser they use shows these sites as secure and without error.

If find an error, please let me know which site, what browser you used and what the error was.

Mucho Gracias Amigos

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