Vacation Deal of the Century

Vacation in a Liberal Shithole like New York, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles or Seattle.

4 Nights in what was just 2-years ago a 5-star hotel for only $199

You get the ambiance of people shitting in your hotel doorway and walking by people shooting up. Window shop outside closed down stores or walk into the few still opened to look through locked cabinet doors. Take a pleasant subway ride, but remember that defending yourself against a crazy criminal will see you arrested for manslaughter.

You’ll get accustomed to the loud music, crack smoking in the hallways and copulation in the stairways from 90% of the other hotel customers being illegal aliens who are also pimping/hooking out of their rooms. However, you’ll find solace in knowing the government is paying the hotel $500 a night for their rooms, instead of the $50 you’ve paid.


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