Are You Prepared?

For EMF Warfare

I’d would hope we have the same.

The purpose of these weapons us to render anything electric and everything using computers completely useless. So what would happen in worst case imagined? As a quick and short summary if just a few things that will happen:

  • Transportation comes to a complete halt. For 30+ years motor vehicles have had computers making decisions from information collected from monitoring (timing, wheel speed, air/fuel ratio, accelerator position…) Sensors. These computers will be permanently damaged and cars will stop in their tracks – as will planes, trains and ships. There will be no system of traffic control, as all signals will go dark. There will be no electricity to pump the last drop of gas from tanks of gas stations – who are no longer getting gas deliveries.
  • Electricity to your home and business will stop. Computers control the entire electrical grid.
  • Commerce will stop. The Internet will be dead and everything all of the way to the computerized cash registers will be dead. No bar scanning, no inventory management, no deliveries of goods to stores.
  • Finance will be dead. No computers running the banks or ATMs. No computers to handle stock and commodity trading. Your accounts will be dead and your worth unknown. You will have no access to your money.
  • Military will be dead. Ships and subs drifting. Soldiers stuck where they are. Airman grounded. Satellites inaccessible.
  • Communications will disappear. No cell or land phones. No internet or satellite TV. No cable or radio.

I can go on and on – but you can figure out the rest for yourself. When I was a business owner, I always told my managers to not come to me with a problem – without giving me a suggestion for a solution. Giving only the problem, without the solution (even if may be wrong), makes a person a complainer – and not a problem solver. So here are a couple of solutions:

  • Have a propane generator, with a decent size underground tank, for your home. And keep the tank full. Yes, it will have electronics, but a solution will quickly be figured out to by pass electronics. I have a motorhome with a 150 gallon tank that my generator runs off. I fill it when near home when I return from a trip.
  • Cash may or may not be useless. You should have something to barter with. I have a few bag of $500 face value of junk silver. Junk Silver are silver coin made before 1964, which contain 90% Silver. Dimes, Quarters, halves and Silver Dollars. They’re not going to be of high enough value to be collectible (hence Junk), but there metal value is far above face value of the coins. A bag of $500 face value of junk silver goes for about $11,200 as I write this. Silver will always have value to people who have food or fuel to sell – while paper currency may not be trusted. You may want to have an emergency portion or your money in physical precious metals or rare coins. Be creative where you keep it off site of your home – but safe and accessible.
  • Have a small garden and grow some fresh vegetables. Can a supply of food. Buy prepared Emergency Dried Food. Get with your extended family a create a family food plan. Together have a climate controlled, pest free place for cases of cereal, oatmeal, Kraft Mac & Cheese, macaroni, canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soups, canned sauces, baking goods, shortenings and vegetable oil. There are companies where every three months they rotate out your 90-day old food (which was to last your size family for 90-days), and rotate in new dry and canned food. The food rotated out goes to a local food bank for a 100% charity deduction from IRS and to help the poor. That’s a triple win. You need to have a climate controlled and secured area (like a special insulated and air conditioned room built in a garage) and have regular pest control service. Members of my family raise ducks, chicken, and livestock for emergency meat eggs and dairy. Some are hunters with freezers full of meat – and a generator to keep it cold if power is lost. We have ponds stocked with fish.
  • Be armed. Those unprepared will become desperate, and they will do anything they have to, if you have what they need. You should have sufficient arms for every defense circumstance. High powered riffle for distance, Assault rifle for mobs, Shotgun and pistols for close distance – with the sufficient ammunition to defend at any distance.
  • I’m fortunate that I have relations (and I do myself), who live on acreage in the sticks. Riots will start in the cities, walking distance from the hood. Then they come to the suburbs. The country will be last and the mist defendable. There is strength in numbers. This is where we all agree to come in a great crisis, with what we have to bring for the family’s survival.

America has good people, and this will be a survivable crisis for those who make it through the brief period. Monumental work would start immediately to get the country back on its feet. I believe if you can make it through 90 days, there should be basic services to sustain the physical needs of most. However, you need to be prepared to get through the 90 days.

I’m sure that there are many laughing, and saying that I’m wearing a tin-foil hat. But mark my words, the next world war involving one of the Super powers, or even a piss ant country who hates (Iran an North Korea immediately comes to mind) will use this kind of warfare at first strike. This technology exists now, and will cripple the enemy immediately – a first shot is fired.

Below are a couple links that explain this technology more fully,

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