How The American Empire Died

Contrary to what you were taught in school, a Democracy is not a very good form of government, nor was the American Constitution created to be the outline and rules for a Democracy. We started on the road of changing from a Republic to a Democracy (very big difference) early in the last century under President Wilson — who was a far Left Wing Progressive. He started a chain of events that we’ve just about run out of time to reverse.

Communists want a total government by a small few “Party” members over the rest of the People in the USA.

Cloward & Piven documented a Communist strategy to give them their total government rule, by first creating an impossible to maintain level of dependency on the government by the people, then creating and fueling riots/anarchy when the government could no longer afford to keep up with the dependence they created, and finally be positioned to quickly fill the vacuum (need for a government to restore law) with a Communist government to save the day.

In between a Republic (which our Founding Fathers created for the USA) and total Government is a Democracy, which is the pathway to Anarchy. Check out the below short and interesting video of the History of Governments, and you will see how Cloward & Piven didn’t invent this strategy — they simply studied how it has taken place many times throughout history — the most famous being the fall of the Roman Empire. After viewing the video, compare with the rioting you are seeing in Egypt, Libya, and Syria in the Middle East; Greece, Italy, France, and England in Europe; and early stages of it happening here in the USA at places like Union Rallies or at the State Capital in Madison, Wisconsin.

America’s fall from being the greatest modern culture is well on the way here in the USA.


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