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In 1994, while still an Executive for a business employing about 150 people, I started designing web sites as a stress-relief hobby. Over the years I’ve created thousands of web sites. I’ve done web sites for collection agencies, security companies, software companies, event promoters, consulting firms, distressed debt buyers, celebrities, video sales, web server hosting companies, car dealers, drag racers, engine builders, and many others. I’ve literally done just about every type of web site — from bulletin boards, to eStores, to advertising banner server sites, to portals, to classified ad sites, to photo albums.

Like Drag racing, I have a passion for designing web sites, and I use my passion to come up with some of the scratch needed to finance my drag racing. Because I’m on the road a lot, I specialize in putting together quick and inexpensive mysql/php powered web sites, which once completed can be maintained by the average person having zero Internet experience. This is most often done with canned software, but given a custom look to where they don’t look canned. I am not interested in developing web sites where I maintain total control over, I prefer getting the customer rolling on his own site and moving on to the next one. This method is often used by a lot of web designers — but they’ll make it into a long drawn out and expensive mystery, with them keeping control. In this way you become the gift that keeps on giving. If you are looking for a Superman web site at a Clark Kent price — and are willing to add your own context — then I’m the web designer you need to be speaking with.

I setup the database to store the sites context, install the application to maintain the site, create the “Look and Feel” design, install all of the add-ons for the features and automatic upgrades — and then let the customer simply add their own context. If  the customer can create a document in Word — then they can more easily maintain their web site the way I set it up for them. I’m always there should they ever have a problem with the site — but they never do. The average cost is $2000 and the site is ready for their context in a couple of days.

Browse through the pages under the this category for more information on the type of Internet service you might be interested in — and then if you would like to speak with me about the the possibility of a web site for you — use the contact form to give me an idea of what you are interested in.

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