The USA Was Created As A Republic — Not A Democracy

The Essence of Freedom is the Proper Limitation of Government.


The Founding Father's Created a Republic — Not a Democracy

Dave Schultz – 6/11/2010

The Roman Empire began  (as did the USA) and became great as a Republic – which means Ruled By Law. They then morphed (as did we) into a Democracy – which means Ruled By Majority. They ultimately became a Oligarchy (which means Ruled By An Elite Group) under Caesar, Nero, Caligula and their Congress — by giving them too much of the power the People had as a Republic.

We have done the same with the power we've freely given away to the Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. This started years ago, and has progressed at an ever quicker pace. In the beginning the Federal Government was specifically limited by our Founding Fathers from having these powers they've taken from us under the guise of "protecting us".  The founding Fathers knew of the dangers of a Democracy always morphing into a Oligarcy. Our Freedoms have decreased dramatically and government is free to tax whatever they want, from whom they want — and spend it on whatever they want. We have no say in taxes or spending. We are moving towards a Cast System where the Government are the Lords and we the people are the serfs, working for the Government's pleasure.

There is a very big Difference between the Republic our Founders gave us — and the Democracy rewritten history makes us think they gave us. Please invest ten minutes of your life to watch the below video to learn about the different types of government, and their flaws. You care enough for ten minutes don't you? I'll bet you think you know all of this already, but I will bet that at the end of the video you will admit you learned something very valuable — that was not taught to you in High School Government or History.

 Please watch this very interesting History/Government lesson and pass it along. I promise you it is factual and non-partisan.


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