Major Redesign of Gone Through a Total Redesign

zHMMmagnum25In 1992, I registered the domain name so I could self teach myself web design, web servers, and learn more about the Internet. In the 20 years since — it has been quite a journey. Many of the items under the "Maniacal Ravings" menu were originally post on the site 20 years back — and still timeless today.

Over the years the site has gone through as many changes as the Internet has. The first site was done in Microsoft Publisher, later in Front Page, and now it is a Word Press site using MySQL and php.

I invite all visitors to browse around on the site and read the "Maniacal Ravings" articles (Like Rules to Date My Daughters), and the shorter posts (there are many pages of short posts — so click the older posts link at the bottom of each page to get the next page). The posts cover a wide range of topics from family, to politics, to humor, to drag racing, to Texas, to just about any other topic I felt to be of interest. Other areas of the site include racing, where I have short descriptions of my race cars; stuff I have for sale; and links to many of my other sites — because while may have been my first — it isn't the only of my sites. Check it out!

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