Wally for NSS in Houston

Last Chance For a Wally in NSS


I just got off the phone with Scott Sparrow with NMCA to see if they would give NSS a Wally to the winner of the Houston race, and he got with Trey and Charlie Harmon — who agreed that there will be a NSS Wally.

For those who didn't know, for 2011 NMCA partnered up with the NHRA Unleashed series — and winners of the point series races since Joliet have received a Wally. The rumor I'd heard was this was a one year only deal — and I don't think that NMCA/NHRA will make an announcement (either way) concerning 2012 before PRI.

So, if you haven't won a Wally so far, and don't win the one in Indy — then Houston might be the last opportunity you will ever get to put a Wally on your book shelf.

The other good thing about the Houston race — is that NMCA will return all of the NSS Driver's Fees back to the racers in their purse. The more who come to take their shot at the Wally in NSS — the bigger the NSS purse will be.

The South need some help from its northern brothers to get Nostalgia Super Stock in front of potential future NSS racers, and we need to try to show NMCA that Houston would be a great warm weather replacement for the first or last race of  the year. Few NSS racers like Bradenton, but NMCA has to have it proven to them that Houston is a good track to run when it gets too cold up North. Please make plans to make the Houston race November 11-12.

More information at: http://www.nssracing.com/forums/showthread.php?59-There-will-be-NSS-racing-in-Houston


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