My thoughts the day before Thanksgiving

  • Airports are empty because the airfares are so high and Homeland Security is a hassle
  • The stock market has lost close to 10% in just the the last week, and the dollar 20% in value during the last two years
  • Gas is $1.27 higher since Obama took over, and we’re more dependent on people who hate us that anyone
  • Speaking of people who hate us, while we have a $15 Trillion deficit — we’re giving hundreds of billions to our enemies through the UN, IMF, NATO (and every other International One World Government Organization imaginable) or directly to the Muslim leaders
  • Unemployment is at Carter era highs
  • The Military is about to have their balls cut off
  • The Democrats want to raise our taxes — while Obama is throwing tens of Billions away on things like the Chevy Volt (I’m sick of their commercials every 15 minutes) and Solara
  • At no time in our history — have we thrown around so much in Foodstamps and other government handouts
  • You can’t get 1% interest on your savings
  • No one appears to care that the Democrat former Governor of New Jersey has over $1Billion in investor money lost
  • Obama’s class warfare has idiots occupying every city and school for free stuff
  • We ain’t seen nothing yet on the home foreclosures — they’ll really start in January and home values will drop like a lead balloon
  • Our dollars hasn’t collapsed yet — only because the people in Europe who had their Obama’s ten years before us are going bankrupt
  • We worry about a few Muslims being profiled — yet don’t care about the antisemitism killing thousands of Jews
  • The Federal government is so anti-business that everyone is starting to think about going Galt
  • Unions are growing more powerful under our current politicians
  • Young people have respect for nothing — and were spoiled into a attitude of self-righteous laziness and entitlement
  • Cronizim in government is flaunted — because the majority of the voters don’t care if they get their free shit
  • Most Americans are greedy idiots — selling out their country
  • Not only is the white heterosexual man becoming extinct — whites are not having enough children to sustain the race — and the blacks, Latinos and Muslims are cranking them out to more than double in size every 20 years.
  • Schools at every level are worthless because of Unions, gays and Communists. We we spend more on schools that nay other society — but for the first time ever in the United States — the new generation is less intelligent than their parents.
  • Despite all of the above (which only scratches the surface) — idiots fall for Obama’s and the other corrupt politicians lies and class warfare.

Thank you Liberals. You’ve officially screwed up the country past the point of no return

Happy Thanks Giving!