Galt/Reardon 2012

My Galt/Readen 2012 Shirt was a hit at the Christmas party. I spent the whole night talking politics when people stopped me to ask what that shirt meant — and if they should know. Last night close to a dozen people said they’d buy Atlas Shrugged and read as their next book. (One said he’d get the talking book for the car)

The last time I wore it – I took my wife to the hospital and was stopped twice in the hospital to explain.

I feel like everyone who stops me learns about how Obama’s Socialism is making producers “Go Galt” and hopefully they’ll read the book and spread the word.

Galt-Rearden 2012
America needs John Galt and Hank Rearden to save the Producers from the Moochers

Money shouldn’t be an issue — as the T-Shirts are as inexpensive as $11.99, and sizes to 4XL. Delivery is cheap and reasonable — and sent worldwide.

Buy and give one to your Liberal friends — they’ll never figure it out.

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