Joe About To Break His Arm

In Caddyshack, Rodney Dangerfield has a broken arm when he’s draggin down the team — and Danny comes in to save the day.

New polls just out has Romney, Ginrich, and Santorum beating Obama — and Paul coming close to doing it. Polls also show (that voters are complete idiots) Hillary with an approval rating of over 60% and that nearly 100% women would vote for her. She’s actually cut from the same Chicago Communist cloth as Obama — but hides it better.

Not only is Obama assured a sure win with Hillary on the ticket — but it solves the Democrat problems of who to run in 2016. VP’s stand the best chance of elections — and Hillary see’s this as her last chance.

In the past I blew off Obama replacing Joe with Hillary — as Ole Joe is pretty loyal to Obama — and Obama trusts the Clintons as far as he can throw them. Plus it is bad luck to know the Clintons — even in the White House, although I doubt Obama will be found in the park with a clean shirt and a different gun next to him. However, I’m betting that there is going to be a deal cut for a Hillary/Biden swap — it is will be soon to properly pull it off. They don’t want to wait until a Republican has been selected as it will look as if Obama is afraid of that candidate — so I think it will be pretty soon we hear and announcement. I think it was the White House that sent out the trial balloons this week.