63 Days until we take out the trash

Today as the DNC convention starts, America clicked the meter to $17Trillion in debt, an increase of over $5Trillion since Chair Man Obama was elected.

Obama is on the ropes right now — as evidenced by the convention itself. He had to ask William the Impeached to pull his fat out of the fire. The two men despise each other, with Clinton feeling a few years ago (as he told Ted Kennedy) that Obama would be carrying his bags and not running for President. The unions are not very happy with the choice of Conventions Centers (Bank of America in Charlotte, NC) – as North Carolina hates unions more than any other state.

However Obama still has the support of his most Loyal contingency — the deceased vote. His Attorney General has pulled out all of the stops to sue any state fighting voter fraud by purging the dead from the eligible, and fighting proof of eligibility to vote. Banana Republics have less fraud than what the Democrats depend on.

So if you are really hoping for change this time — you need to ensure that there are enough voters voting for Romney to counter the Deceased voting for Obama. We also need to take back Congress by replacing the Democrats who can’t put out a budget, and drop entitlements from helicopters to get the Moocher vote.

Yesterday was Empty Chair Day across America. The below are a few of the millions of empty chairs put out on the front yard to represent what we currently have in the White House.

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