Frenchie bringing $60Million to the Muslium Brotherhood as a Peace Offering


So Hanoi John ‘Frenchie’ Kerry is now on his way to the Middle East to give $60Million dollars in “aid” to the Museum Brotherhood led Syrian Rebels for “Humanitarian Needs”.

My Questions:

1. Don’t we have budget problems here where old ladies will be pushed off cliffs, 5 hours waits to be stripped search at the air ports, and the serving of horse meat in schools — if the kids eat at all? I could have sworn that’s what Obama was saying last week because the mean Republicans won’t increase the budget by 2%.

2.  Didn’t we learn that giving money to Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda rebels in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan is only used to kill us later? You can’t buy love from a terrorist culture of goat raping animals. They’re all like that! It is their cult’s orders to act like that.

3.  Do you think the money will actually be used to by bread and milk for little Muslim kids? Be serious and grow up.

We need to leave those people to just go about killing themselves and save the money and American blood. For over one thousand years those animals have proven that you can’t trust them or buy their love. If you leave them busy killing each other, and don’t allow them into the US — they will be to preoccupied and there will be a few million fewer of them. Not a one is worth saving! Let nature take its course with those animals because you will never help them — but instead just finance our own demise.

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