Media Blitz Starts Now

1175505_539476706107781_865645379_nToday, Obama is beginning a media blitz on selling the US people that getting involved in the bombing of Syria is a good thing. All of the Sunday morning talk shows will be rife with Obama surrogates selling America that this the right thing to do. Then tomorrow all of the evening News will feature Obama being interviewed by each network. On Tuesday Obama will have a big speech on every network. Finally on 9/11 — Obama will have Congress vote on wasting bombs Syria. This is just a distraction from his other scandals.

Both sides in Syria are our enemies. Both sides hate American and want us all dead. When two of your enemies are killing each other — you stand back and let them get to it. You don’t spend billions of taxpayer’s money helping one side, only to change the focus from them to us.

Obama is blitzing the media — we the people need to blitz Facebook to get the true message out. For the next three days we need to educate the ignorant and influence Congress to stand back and leave our enemies to reduce their numbers.

Share all anti-bombing Syria posts on your Facebook wall and/or in emails to friends — including this post. If we do nothing — we deserve what we get. Get Involved!

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