Imagine if you will


That you live in a country where more and more people become Moochers instead of producers; where crime has gone up and IQs have gone down; where school taxes are skyrocketing while classes become over crowded; where medical insurance rates have gone through the roof because of subsidization of the uninsured; where states are going bankrupt from the burden of food stamps and welfare; and where businesses and the wealthy are leaving the country because of taxes and the political environment. Yet Liberals want to import poor, ignorant, violent, non-English speaking to clog up and further dumb down our schools with these non tax paying people and their translators; our hospitals with births from a culture of poor people that won’t practice birth control; and further overburden our police, court and jail system. All for future Moocher voters to vote in looters.

Shouldn’t we fix the problems we have before adding to them?

Today Obama negotiated with the President of Guatemala that we will process these people there and transport them here to save them the walk. I shit you not!

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