Complaining, Negativity, Anger, and People

Advice, for what its worth


A few years ago there was too much self-inflicted Drama in my life. I say self-inflicted because I’d gone from a fairly positive non-complainer in the 70s-90s to a participant in Drama in after I’d retired – around 2000 when started drag racing. I found that a lot of it was that I was running with a new group of people that I was racing with. In that group were a couple that were always complaining, always insulting lying, always negative, and always angry. I found I was starting to become more like them and didn’t like it. I hung around those people less and less and started running with more positive people in a more adult (vs. Child or Parent) ego state. I became more happy and positive again. I looked around at who I was running with and shortened my group of friends who were negative complainers.

Life is so much easier now that I again deal with problems in a rational way — instead of in anger.

However you can’t always avoid angry, negative and complaining people as they might be family, co-workers or customers/clients. Those I still have to deal with are a total buzz kill to be around, and they are their worst enemy because of their constant unhappiness to themselves besides being the buzz kill to others. Complaining, negativity, and anger not only resolve nothing – but is also a determent to solving problems — plus causes health issues. My blood pressure is twenty points lower than it was a few years ago — despite my blood pressure medicine also having been cut in half.

Take a close look at yourself. Do you complain, are you negative, and/or are you angry? Look at who you run with and who you might better run with. Make an effort to improve with complaining less and being positive more often and your anger and health will improve. Life is full of ups and downs that we have no control over. What you do have control over is how you handle it. You can handle situations as a Child or as an adult.

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