Blame Islam, Not Kids

Dave Schultz  – July 18, 2015


I’m watching the Saturday morning pundits blaming kids for radical Islam. This is not kids going wild, this is the culture of Islam and Liberals using young people.

This particular idiot doesn’t represent the average kid:

  • He was born in the Middle East
  • He was a devout Muslim who attended a radical Mosque who encourage the thought that any other way than Islam is evil, and pointing kids to Internet sites to take that concept further
  • His father was on the watch list for contributing cash to terrorists
  • He recently traveled to the Middle East
  • He grew the style beard common of radical Islamist men
  • His postings on web sites

Even Ray Charles could see this particular young man was a time bomb that needed close scrutiny.

However Obama:

  • Imports more and more Muslims
  • Has TSA doing full body cavity searches on old ladies and little kids instead of focusing on young middle-eastern men
  • Claims terrorism to be workplace violence and Lone Wolf acts, then celebrates Islamic Holiday or rushes off to fundraiser later same night
  • Never criticizes or goes after radical Islam, while at the same time stoking hatred against whites, cops, and southerners

Assisting in all of this is America no longer trying to stop Islam are uber-Liberal school teachers who are polluting our young with school trips to Mosques – while teaching all things Christian is evil; not only no longer responding to radical Islam at its source – but releasing and trading Gitmo terrorists; no real Muslim group sincerely speaking out against terrorism because they at least secretly love it; the silence and cowardice of the media not speaking out on the true root cause – or Public Service Announcements geared to young people deglorifying the recruitment and of what life under Radical Islam is really like.

Poor leadership at the top, Liberal brainwashing from schools and MSM, salting Conservative areas with Middle Easterners, allowing Mosques to continue to incite terrorism under the guise of a religion, and not doing anything to quash where terrorism is centralized.

But I digress.

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