What I Want in a President

Dave Schultz – October 20, 2015


I don’t want another Narcissistic person who are so full of themselves.  I would include Trump and Hillary in that group.

I don’t want someone from Congress UNLESS they have consistently fought the current system. As such I’d still include Cruz, Rubio, and Paul since they’ve fought to change congress.

I’d prefer a Veteran, as no one can understand the military as well as someone who has served. Real light in that area anymore.

I don’t want and don’t trust Yankees. Too many lie and too many are Liberal at heart. I feel Trump and Hillary are liars and Liberals at heart. I think Kasich and Christie are too Liberal. I give Carson a pass in this category because I find him believable.

I want someone who will fix immigration — Islamic, Russian, and Latin American. I want the borders tightened to stop drugs, Welfare seekers, criminals and terrorists. I think Cruz, Huckabee, and Carson are the strongest of the most believable. Trump is the loudest, but I remembered when the last Yankee so full of himself, and without a record promised the moon.

I want someone with an established and consistent record. Again Trump is all over the map, and appears to go in the direction of the wind that best financially benefits him. Ilke what he says – if I believed him.,However I have almost zero faith if him backing up what he says. I liked what I saw of Web, but I know nothing of his record and concerned he aligns himself with Democrats. How many times have we been screwed with a Supreme Court Justice who we didn’t know of his record?

I want someone my gut feeling says I can trust. I was raised on the streets and owned a debt collection agency. My gut has been right more than wrong for 60 years. I don’t trust Hillary, Trump, Chaffee,  or Graham. Not at all.

I don’t want a Communist. That rules out Sanders, Hillary, and Chaffee.

There’s never a perfect candidate for any one individual. For instance I wouldn’t even consider the only two Veterans (Graham and Web). So the order of candidates I would find be the best of who is running are:

  1. Carson
  2. Cruz
  3. Rubio
  4. Huckabee
  5. Jindal
  6. Paul
  7. Carley
  8. Jeb (Yes I’m not a hater and he’s at the bottom of my list of acceptable)

The worst choices (in order) would be:

  1. Sanders
  2. Hillary
  3. Biden
  4. Trump
  5. Cafee
  6. O’Malley
  7. Graham

All of that said, I will vote for whomever runs against the Democrats. Even Trump is the lesser of the two Evils. Staying home is a vote for at least another four years of Obama, or worse.

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