My 1993 Cadillac Allante


I bought this rare Medium Montana Blue Allane new in 1993 I have less than 40000 miles on it, and it is my favorite good weather car to drive.

1993 is the last year for the Allante, which was built to compete with The Mercedes 450SL roadster. It is the only year it had the Northstar engine, which was built specifically for the Allante. The color was a 1994 color, which they painted the last 17 to get rid of some Blue tops. Most tops were black, and very few were blue.The bodies were made out of Aluminum by Pininfarina in Italy. They were flown to the US on specially equipped 747s owned by Cadillac. The drivetrain and interior was then installed and the cars arrived to the Cadillac dealers by truck in special enclosed trailers. Not all dealers could sell the Allante. Thy and their best mechanic had to first be trained and certified.
I’ll never sell this car, but I also own an almost equally rare Polo Green 1993 I bought from my brother, but will be selling in the effort to downsize my life.


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