Just an average day in my shop

I spend two or three 8-10 days a week in my shop. Tuesday I

Stripped my 93 Heritage (Ole Blue, which I bought new over 25 years ago, and repainted about six years ago) down to replace battery, pull out speaker system that can’t compete with my Sampson Dual Fishtail pipes, pull off and order new dash, bib and lowers – and make it easier to detail, wax and condition leather seat and bags.

Been wanting to change the Baby Ape bars to Full Ape, but maybe next year.

In my 46 Olds, which has been a ten year project turning into a Street Rod – replaced the leaky trans pan, finished all new electrical, and finished a kick ass stereo system. Also got the engine started and running for first time in a year.

It’s getting close to ready for interior. I sure need a good recommendation on a good Interior shop in the Houston area.

I mowed the five acres the shop is on.

Installed four new dead bolts and door knobs keyed the same – so I have one key for eight locks, instead of four. Also, Installed and configured two Atlanta Pro 3rd Generation smart locks. I’ve been getting into Home automation at my two homes and Shop. Smart cameras, alarms, thermostats, locks, lights, TV, sprinkler system, drapes and blinds and more that I can control with my cell phone anywhere in the world – and get text notifications on certain events.

Its obvious I need to clean and paint those doors.

Finally, I set up a cart with various sanding and grinding tools and supplies, as I’m going through a lifetime of hoarded parts to clean, prime and list for sale.

And that’s a typical day at my shop, a couple times a week

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