Facebook Hates Military & Veterans

I own a business with my son. We do a lot of advertising on Facebook. Personally, I hate giving them our money – but that’s where you need to advertise for a business selling a home product or service that focuses on women in neighborhood groups.

Facebook is constantly nagging us to boost our posts, and have never rejected our ads – until now.

President Trump has declared November as Military & Veteran Family Month. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, this has been a long time coming. So we created an offer that takes additional 10% off orders and repairs in Military & Veteran Homes, for November. I boosted the ad with $100 Bucks, and got my first rejection of taking my money. Like most Liberals, they hate the Military and Veterans. Facebook appears to hate them so much that the greedy bastards won’t even allow an ad giving a discount to them.

I so wish there was a viable Social Media option that wasn’t to the Left of the Castros.

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