Has Your Cell Phone Had an Increase of Spam Calls?

Did you give your phone number to Facebook to verify your account? Well then its your fault. You’re now on millions of marketing and scammer lists. Remove your phone number from Facebook, and refuse to ever again give it to them. I’d create a new account before ever giving their database marketing the ability to have my information sold to Spammers, Governments, political campaigns, and find its way as another piece of information on me shared on the Dark Web for identity theft.

Facebook has evil intentions with your information. Create a throwaway email address, and never give them you true information. If they want an image of your identification – Don’t Do it. Create a new account instead. Like China’s Facial Recognition program? Facebook has them beat by a mile. Find 10 very different photos of people, and load a different one everyday and tag yourself to keep them from having accurate facial recognition of you. This isn’t paranoid tin-foil hat shit – this is a company making billions targeting you for anyone who will pay for that info. The more they have collected on you, the more valuable that information is. Give them as much false information you can get away with.

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