Frankly I’m done with Facebook.

  • I’m tired of their stifling and punishment of speech that goes against the opinions of their leaders.
  • I’m tired of their heavily handed moderation
  • I’m tired of the sources they use to declare fake news
  • I’m tired of their promoting certain groups and pages — while hiding from the public others.
  • I’m tired of their collecting personal information and selling it to telemarketers

Many times I heard people say that they wished there was a Social Media site which, would have fair “Community Standards”. Well over the last few weeks I’ve created such a site with the same Look & Feel of Facebook, and with the same features. It’s a work in progress — but better than 90% complete and NOW ready for membership so I can test and quickly correct any issues which might pop up.

While I’m not stupid enough to feel that it would ever compete with Facebook — it still can serve a purpose for others like me, who are sick of Facebook’s heavy handed moderation of speech against their political agenda. If just a few thousand people with like interests joined to give it a chance, and then invite their family to do the same — there would be a very good group of people in a very good Internet Community.

So the favor I ask is for you to please visit & register at and give it a honest & serious try for a week so I can see if it can be broken — and give me some feedback on what you think. Again, it is a virtual clone to Facebook with regards to the look and feel, with most of the same features in an identical configuration. There’s a Market Place, Groups, Pages, and much more. I actually have even more features — but I want to pace the release of those until what’s out there has been put under the pressure of a test. If you feel it is worthy, please invite your family and friends — especially those who are constantly in Facebook Jail — or had their profile removed.

Like forums — to reduce spam registrations are confirmed with an email with a link. If you don’t immediately receive an email — check your spam box — it will be there.

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