Are You Sick of Facebook’s Community Double Standards?

  • Are you sick of Liberal Snitches Shadowing you and blowing you in to Facebook’s Liberal Gestapo?
  • Are you sick of Facebook’s Liberal “Fact Checkers” marking any post they don’t like as False?
  • Are you sick of Facebook’s Liberal Gestapo bragging about deleting positive Trump posts and banning the poster without giving a reason?
  • Are you sick of Facebook’s election manipulation by having their thought police control which Trump or Biden posts stay, and which go away?
  • Have you ever wished for a place where you really had free speech?

That place is here – now!

Click here to Check it out

This web site has been around for over 20 years. It is where I’ve posted anything that has been on my mind. Now I’m providing a place where you can post anything on your mind and participate in discussions.

This alternative to Facebook has:

  • NO advertising
  • NO heavy handed Moderation of Free Speech
  • NO Email spamming
  • NO Costs to you

Features include:

  • Channels for posts, so that you can go directly to the topics that interest you, and completely avoid those which do not
  • Quick membership enrollment. Simply verify that you gave a correct email address and you can post immediately.
  • Email addresses are used to check against a database of known spammers and trolls, so we can avoid having those people posting here.
  • Your information is not shared, sold, given or leased to anyone.

This are no ulterior motives. I own the server, so there is no added costs to me providing this service free. I simply want to have a place where people can actually discuss their interests without a Gestpo hired to step on the necks of Conservatives ratted out by Snowflake Snitches, because they simply don’t like their posts.

Channels Include:

  • Sports – NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and all other sports have a channel for just those discussions
  • Motor vehicles – each American manufacturer has a channel; as do European, Asian, Motorcycles, RVs….
  • Interests and Hobbies – Finance, collectibles, arts &. crafts, Christianity…
  • People Topics: Rants, Military & Veterans, Jokes, WTF…
  • Check them out, there has to be at least one that interests you

If you ever said “I wish there was an alternative to Facebook that didn’t hate Conservatives and Libertarians'” – give this site a chance. Find a Channel that interest you, and participate in it. Tell your friends about it, and let’s have real discussions without the fear of Facebook Jail because your post was slightly to the right of Antifa. The link “Forums” in the NAVBAR will also take you there, as will the “I hate Facebook” banner in the sidebar.

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