Hear Me Now!

I never cared you were Gay

Until you crammed it down my throat and felt you were more entitled that us normal people. Yes, I said normal people – as in as nature intended. When you started to indoctrinate small children with your sick little books, paraded on the streets with your sick little outfits, demanded more rights than normal people – you lost me.

I never cared that you were black

Until started to riot at the drop of the hat. Until you became more racist than those you accused of racism. Until your violence became far worse than any other demographic in society. Until you demand to be held to a lesser standard that others. Until you demanded reparations from actions of 200 years ago. Until you used every excuse possible to blame Whitey for your lack of motivation to take on the personal responsibility to improve your life. Until your heroes became the most racist in society. Until the weakest of White People fell for your White Guilt head trip. Until I started seeing dozens of new videos each day of your violence towards white people and your justifications for that violence. Until you start kneeling when the flag I served during war to defend was displayed!

I never cared that you were Liberal

Until you rigged elections. Until you allowed your cities to be burned to the ground. Until you became Moochers demanding free healthcare, college, food, housing, cell phones and money. Until your character assignations or people like Justice Kavanaugh. Until the Main Stream Media reported lies as news. Until you wanted open borders because you knew encouraging immigration for free stuff created Democrats for life. Until you infiltrated schools to brainwash children. Until you created and embraced the concept of Moochers electing Looters to steal from Producers. Until your sick deviated minds embraced the most sick of lifestyles as Normal. Until you started to hate God, the police and the American flag.

I never cared where you were born

Until you criticized where others were born. Until you started to rewrite history. Until you started tearing down statues and banning flags.

So when you call me a racist, xenophobe, or anything else

Remember that it was you who changed me.

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