It Does Get Tiring When People Ignore What They Can Plainly See

If they would only open their eyes

  • Clinton Foundation Selling Influence
  • Voter Fraud in Atlanta
  • Biden Crime Family Selling Influence
  • Voter Fraud in Detroit
  • Joe Biden a mental midget, made worse with mental decline
  • Voter Fraud in Philadelphia
  • The FBI acting as the Police Department of the Deep State
  • The race card way overplayed
  • Pelosi a mean, lying drunk
  • Voter Fraud in Las Vegas
  • The Mueller Investigation a political sham
  • The DOJ loaded with Obama appointees made career employees covering up Democrat Crimes
  • Voter Fraud in Wisconsin
  • Fascistbook shadow banning Conservatives and bullshit fact checking
  • Obamacare a complete sham
  • Green companies receiving government assistance flipping that money into Democrat contributions

I can easily make this list 100 times the size – but most of you reading this refuse to see it – and those who see it won’t click a social media share below!

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