Biden’s DOJ Arrests Man For Posting Meme on Twitter

In a nutshell, the FBI storm Troopers busted down Doug Mackey’s door at 7AM and arrested him for posting a Meme on Twatter in 2016 – telling stupid Hillary voters they could vote by text.

This is the same FBI and DOJ that wouldn’t prosecute Hillary for bleach bitting her email server and smash phone with hammers.

The same FBI and DOJ that financially ruined General Flynn on a lie.

The same FBI and DOJ that allowed Comey, McCabe and dozens of others illegally manipulate the Courts against Trump, and appoint a Special Investigator over a lie.

The same FBI and DOJ with Hunter’s Laptop – covering for the Biden Crime Family.

The same FBI & DOJ that had Swalwell tell Fang Fang that others were wise to the Honeypot – so she could book back to China.

I could go on – but you either already know that the FBI and DOJ are now the Deep State Police, or you’re too ignorant to care.

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